Anne Bray

Adjunct Professor


MFA, UCLA, 1987
BA, Colgate University


void4Anne Bray has been working at the intersection of public space and media art as a hybrid artist and director of the nonprofit media arts organization, Freewaves. The creativity of one and the social outreach of the other have continuously fed each other. Engagement with edgy, demanding, enlightening art by a broad public is Bray’s mission. She connects challenging art with venues that offer the visibility, equipment and timing for prominent display with an involved viewership.

She is a visual instigator and translator. Her specialty is selecting subjects that artists find most pressing and compelling. She exhibits that work in formats that publics, often unaware of contemporary art, can comprehend without the work losing its integrity. In her art, like in her career, she contrasts different points of view side by side. Viewers are asked to compare and place themselves within her spectrums: masculine and feminine, verbal and visual, logical and magical.

Video projection is her chosen medium. Her work spectacularizes still unresolved conflicts about women, art and nature. She exhibits installation/ performances of video, audio, flat and 3-d screens at traditional and nontraditional venues including museums, galleries, gas stations, malls, movie theaters, and department stores, as well as on TV and billboards.


Recent Projects

Anne Bray has produced public art projects with GLOW art festival in Santa Monica, Public Art Fund, NY Avant Garde Festival, LACE, CRA, FAR, Cinematexas among others, and multi-media installations at Santa Monica Museum of Art, Track 16, Pomona Museum of Art, MIT, Images du Futur in Montreal and other experimental spaces. Recently she showed her videos at Stanford Lively Arts, Projections on Lake, and Silent Cinema, and Montalvo Arts Center, each in collaboration with postmininalist composer Eve Beglarian, about the re-suturing of the classic nature-culture dichotomy with digital means during these times of ecological peril, technological innovation and increased visual representations. This year she permanently installed moving images called See Change at LAX airport on more than 80 screens.

As a lecturer for the past 20 years, she teaches graduate seminars in the new genre arts at Claremont Graduate University as well as public art at University of Southern California, and mentors students through their MFA and MA theses. Since 2005 she has given public lectures at Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, L.A. international conference for Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, Tel Aviv Cinematheque c/o VideoZone, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (MAMBA), Hoffmann’s House in Valparaiso, Chile, Encuentro Internacional de Espacios Independientes, California College of Art, and in Los Angeles in 2010: Mak Center, Farmlab, LA Public Library, SCIARC, Siggraph, Art Center, Otis, Occidental and Pitzer Colleges.


Irvine Fellowship at Montalvo Arts Center in 2010
Goethe Institute travel grant in 2009,
Jewish Federation travel grant in 2005
California Arts Council Artists Grant in 2001
Sabbatical Fellowship from Durfee Foundation in 1999
Civitella Ranieri Foundation artist in residency in Umbria Italy in 1996
Art Matters fellowship in 1991