David Amico

Full Professor, Roland Reiss Endowed Chair in Art


BA California State University, Fullerton CA, 1974
Hunter College, New York, NY, 1974-76

Artist Biography

David Amico has embraced an untied, expressionist, approach to abstract painting and has been committed to this practice for over a 40-year career. This pursuit has allowed him to explore painting in a most unrestrictive and innovative manner. This inventive engagement can be experienced in the compositions and paint applications. Inviting the viewer to share in what Doug Harvey has called “a zone of phenomenological flip-flop, where (the Art is) neither one thing, nor the other, nor both, and not neither. Which is where paintings belong. The result is artwork that is unusually alive, that feeds information to the viewer in a flickering, almost cybernetic light, extending an invitation for the observer to partake in the continuity between the world, the artist, and his Art.” (Doug Harvey, David Amico: Coloring Outside the Lines).

He has been exhibiting with Ace Gallery Los Angeles since 1987.


Ace Gallery
Gallery Reis

Selected Exhibitions/Publications

2011 “Factory/Park Series” Ace Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
“Haiku Review” by Peter Frank, The Huffington Post, March 31, 2012
2010 “Factory Series” Gallery Ries, Singapore
“New Paintings from Los Angeles, 2008-2010” Catalogue, Alice L Hutchison
2008 “Drift-Trace Series Paintings” Ace Gallery, Beverly Hills, Ca
“David Amico at Ace Gallery” Christopher Miles, August 13, 2008, LA Weekly
“Accidental Art that Transforms” Christopher Knight, July 25, 2008, Los Angeles Times
2007 Drift Series, Ace Gallery Beverly Hills CA

Recent Projects/Group Exhibitions

Recent Projects/Collaborations
2012 “A Selection of Art Works” Ace Gallery Beverly Hills
2010 “Elements of Nature” Selections From The Frederick Weisman Art Foundation, New Orleans, LA
2008 “Some Paintings” LA Weekly Third Biennial, Santa Monica, Ca
2008 “Love At First Sight” Molly Barnes Collection, Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles
2008 “Paintings In Southern California, The 1980 Neo-Expressionism”, Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA


1997 Presidential Scholar’s Distinguished Teacher Award
1995 Pollack Krasner Grant
1992 Cartier Fellowship, Paris, France