Purpose of Process

HarperFountainLMSreviewThis website is to provide information and documentation regarding a taskforce established in Summer 2012 to explore the learning management system (LMS) marketplace. This taskforce is a subcommittee of the Academic Computing Committee. Since CGU’s adoption of Sakai in 2007, the LMS marketplace has dramatically changed. Additionally, LMS advancements, web 2.0 (aka cloud or internet-based) tools have emerged as valuable resources to enhance learning and collaboration.  Furthermore, mobile devices have become ubiquitous and largely influence our daily lives and interactions.

The subcommittee’s findings and recommendations will be reported back to the Academic Computing Committee by early 2013. This subcommittee has met monthly to review LMS products, gather evidence, and strategize LMS solutions to fit CGU. These findings will help guide the Academic Computing committee as they build the larger technology plan for the university.